Kirk Campbell, LCDC

Kirk has an unique ability to see the potential in adolescents and their families and help guide them to long-term recovery. Kirk is not just a counselor but an advocate for teens suffering from substance use disorders and other self-destructive addictions. He believes in observable and measurable actions are the cornerstone to a healthy and life-long recovery. Kirk applies effective data-based strategies when training families about their adolescent. Kirk applies effective strategies to building discipline, self-esteem, and leadership through skydiving, mountain biking, rock climbing, and backcountry wilderness trips. 

Kirk grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where his personal recovery began at the age of 16 years old. His passion for recovery grew from reaching out to young adults as a way of working the 12th step of recovery. He found working with others not only rewarding but vital to maintaining sobriety. His passion quickly transformed into a calling in the substance abuse field. In his 20's, Kirk moved to Houston, Texas where he completed his Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor education. In the late 90's, Kirk received his initial training at LifeWay and "carried the torch" by creating an alternative peer group called Cornerstone Recovery in 1999. Kirk adopted a similar alternative peer group model to PDAP and LifeWay with a strong level of accountability and creative approach of care for teens and families.

During the midst of beginning Cornerstone Recovery, Kirk was a part of a champion skydiving team where he learned how to be a part of a high function team. His love for the outdoors and physical activities has been carried on throughout his life. Kirk has participated in over 50 wilderness adventures that engage adolescent's to overcome fear, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem through rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking, yoga, and hiking. Kirk continues to participate in week long mountain biking trips multiple times a year with a non-profit, Adventure Learning, which provides outdoor wilderness adventures to adolescent's suffering from self-destructive behavior. Outside of counseling and wilderness adventures, you could find Kirk smoking a robust cigar on the golf course or around the card table with recovery friends.

Kirk is an expert interventionist helping hundreds of teens enter residential treatment and guiding their family to develop skills to maintain recovery when they return home. He is a multi-skilled counselor who focuses his practice in Group Counseling, Aftercare, and mentoring other substance abuse professionals. Kirk provides services in Central Houston.

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