Elizabeth Milligan, LCDC

Elizabeth is a firm believer in the hope and miracle of recovery. She entered recovery in 2009 when she was 16 years old. Her struggles began with the disease of addiction running through her family. Once she began her journey through the 12 steps she found her own passion in helping others to find the same joy she had found. A genuine compassion for all the self-destructive people still struggling with their disease developed. She began working in the substance abuse field in 2011 with Cornerstone Recovery as a support staff, while going to school to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. In 2016 she became fully licensed and graduated from Lonestar College with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. Throughout her internship, Elizabeth not only worked for Cornerstone Recovery, but she also gained experience working at different treatment centers and expanded her knowledge of treatment modalities. She returned to Cornerstone Recovery in 2015 as an intern and completed her licensure here- she returned because she had found no other treatment program that carried the same sense of urgency and passion. She began working as a counselor in the Woodlands, Texas helping to create and maintain a group where teens and families shattered by self-destructive behaviors could begin to pick up the pieces with love, laughter, healing, hope and accountability.

Throughout her experience in the substance abuse field, Elizabeth has learned how to gain the trust of the families she works with and shine a light for them in their darkness through her passion, her joy, her playfulness, her honesty and her hard-working nature.  She is skilled in helping the families that she works with discover the real reasons why the substance abuse/self-destruction began and helps facilitate treatment plans which serve the need of the teen and family as an individual. From Elizabeth’s own experience of having her family members in recovery alongside her, she has a clear and firm belief that family involvement in a teens recovery is absolutely pivotal. She also understands that a large piece of breaking down denial and letting go of shame is education, and facilitates through many routes helping the families and teens fully understand the disease of addiction. Her passion for what she does can light a fire within any family who is willing to hear the message she carries.

Elizabeth focuses her practice on individual and family counseling. She is also skilled in aiding with the intervention process and specializes in a developing a strong and comprehensive aftercare plan for the family and teen upon discharge. Elizabeth provides services in Central Houston and in the Woodlands/Spring area.

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